Hans Hedberg, Biot Red Ceramic Egg

5,500.00 USD

Egg designed by the Swedish ceramicist Hans Hedberg, who lived and worked in Biot, France. This egg is 25 cm (10″) high including the stand. It´s in mint condition.

Hans Hedberg was both a painter and a ceramicist who ran his own workshop with a gas stove in Biot, between Nice and Antibes on the French Riviera. He starts his workshop there in 1949 and lived and worked there until his death in 2007. In the beginning he worked mostly with the ceramics, but later became well known for his exquisite sculptures of mainly fruits and eggs in high-burnt earthenware and with experimental glazes. He made both smaller sculpture for interior design as well as up to 1 meter high garden sculptures.

25 cm

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