Carl-Harry Stålhane – Large Gray Vase Rörstrand

3,500.00 USD

A large gray speckled vase with a lovely glaze designed by Carl-Harry Stålhane at Rörstrand, it´s 52 cm (20,8″) high and in very good condition except from some minor cracks near the base why it is marked as 2nd quality (see detailed photos). It also do have two minor brown marks in the glaze as you also can see on the last photo.

Carl-Harry Stålhane is one of the top names when it comes to Mid century Scandinavian Ceramics. He was the artistic director of Rörstrand from 1950 until 1973. His sheer and elegant stoneware vases from the 1950s with speckled eggshell-like and harfur glazes in muted shades have received a marked increase in demand in recent years and are often included in international interiors and collection. His artworks are represented at MoMA in New York as well as Victorian and Albert Museum in London.

23 cm
52 cm

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